reflection summary

reflection summary

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The students will be critically reflection of self in their approach to this task. The executive summary can be written using “1”. Students are to use the outputs from workshops 1,2,3and 4.
Analysis their own single story and develop a visual image of it to be embedded within the submission document.

1. Consider what the impact that their own single story may have had on them to date.
2. The value and contribution a balanced story has and how you can achieve this balanced story.
3. questions needs to be asked such as how this single story may impact both adversely and positively to date and on their professionalism in HRM in the future.

critical analysis must be used to demonstrate new knowledge (refer to workshop 1 and 2 resources) knowledgeability and being knowledge able (refer to work 2 and 3 resources). The insight critical
reflection has on the individual and their impact on other (workshop 3 and 4) is to be used through the 4 activities.

Overall task: has 4 activities to be completed. Activities 4 is made up of 5 or more appendices.

Activities 1: visual mindmap of “your single story”. Included a timeline your journey has taken you from early childhood to the adult you are today.

Activities 2: a mindmap of how they intend to become a HR professional. This might include the impact of this programme along with other interventions and the new insights learned from the self-
assessment tools.

Activities: 3 An 800 word executive summary evaluating their own journey from early childhood to now and how their story may impact on their capacity and capability to become a HRM professional.
References is to be made to either mindmap in activity 1 and 2. All of the outputs of these 5 tools appendices will from the basis for your self-evaluate in task 2and 3. The use of theory must be
combined with your self-assessments as evidences of new learnings and insight.

Activities 4: Appendix 1 to 5 outputs of self-assessment and evaluation tools.

For activity 4 you are to complete 5 or more self-assessment tools available to them (for example MBTI, Belbin, Kolbs’s learning styles and preferences and tools in ilearn Plus any other tool you
choose to select and use etc.) and make reference to these in activity 1,2and3. The outputs of the 5 tools used must be included as appendices and referred to throughout the report.

My personal information:

2009-2012 high school in china

2012-2015 study at Jiangnan university , subject is accounting.

2015-2016 study at UClan university , subject is Global business management.

During the university? I did some part-time job, such as restaurant waiter?did sales in Decathlon.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
My style is ESTP

Belbin team roles:
Preferred: Co-ordinator, Team worker
Avoidant: Specialist, completer Finisher

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