Business marketing case study

Q.1 Imagine small gym like snap fitness has reduce numerous services it provide in comparison of traditional gym? Analysis how it reflects the staffing that it needed by the firm ?

Q.2 Snap fitness is using franchising as a global strategies .Make a list of skills needed by the firm in order to be successful a franchises9 (3 POINT)

Q.3 Snap fitness have expanded into a number of difference countries , from your knowledge of snap snap fitness and of international in general. Identify 3 challenges the firm faces when they
expand internationally( 3 point) .
Q4. What are the challenge building successful team of the firm explain?

Q.5 Price is one of the 4 Ps of marketing, analysis how snap fitness has decided the services and link that it has been competitiveness?
Q.6 You have to given task of design marketing strategies of Snap Fitness, outline & explain what would be the main element of the strategies ?(3 point)

Q,7 If you were given the task of designing marketing snap fitness , outline 3 examples how you might integrate online and offline marketing strategies . Answer the question with reference to you
both the case study and your wider knowledge of marketing of E commerce?( 3 point)
Q.8 The article state that small gym concept is unproven in the like of this statement complete the following question? **Conduct a SWOT analysis for opening a small gym .
Q,9 Conduct a SWOT analysis for opening a Large Gym ?
Q.10 Based on the Swot analysis that you have completed for 8 & 9 _Outline whether you agree or disagree on the point if view a small gym concern is unproven taking care to justify the answer as
fully possible?