Simple linear regression 2. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)

Simple linear regression 2. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)

Order Description
Find two research papers, which exemplify the following two methods of data analysis:

1. Simple linear regression
2. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)
Your search of research papers is restricted to the following five top tourism journals:
1. Annals of Tourism Research

2. Tourism Management

3. Journal of Travel Research

4. Tourism Analysis

5. Current Issues in Tourism
Develop a brief (i.e. 500 words +/-150 words) review on each of the two journal papers you found. In particular, the review should address the following issues:

– brief outline of the research problem/question, which the author(s) address(es) in the paper;

– which theoretical concepts are related to the research problem/question addressed in the paper;

– which constructs/dimensions and variables/indicators are used in the paper to measure the relevant concepts;

– do the author(s) of the paper anticipate any relationship(s) between the constructs and/or variables (i.e. hypotheses)?

– which question types and scales are used in the paper (e.g. in the questionnaire, in the experiment, etc.) to measure the phenomena of interest (i.e. to assign numbers to variables/indicators);

– briefly describe the target sample and sampling strategy utilized in the paper;

– please, critically discuss how the individually assigned methods of data analysis are utilized in the paper and how the findings are presented. How do the results of this particular analysis contribute to solving the research problem (i.e. to answer the research question of the paper)
-certainly, send me the research papers which you reviewed.

Please follow the instructions carefully and precisely. Thank you

there should be two pages for each method