Congressional sub-committee

This is an emergency. Your supervisor has been directed to make a report to a Congressional sub-committee in the morning, and you have to prepare the statement she will present. She must make a
short, crisp presentation about the status of the space programs of two nations. She has been told: no history, no review of launch vehicles, just what is happening right now and what is expected
to happen in the next 12 months. “Now” means now.

What is the situation that the two space agencies face at the present moment? Are things moving ahead or is there turmoil? Are there sufficient resources for what they are doing or will they run
short? Have there been any significant developments or occurrences in the past six months? What changes have been made to their plans in the past few months? As for the future, what is the launch
schedule for the next 12 months? Is anything new and interesting planned? What are they likely to do that could be of particular interest to the United States? Any manned launches? Are there any
cooperative ventures planned with other nations that would be of interest or concern to the U.S.? Will any new systems or equipment come on line in the next year? Will there be any lunar or Martian
or other missions beyond LEO that we should be concerned about?