Audio/video recordings

1. Name and describe the signature musical instrument in Texas-Mexican conjunto?
2. What is the name of the popular band that ‘Flaco’ Jimenez partners with in “Marina”? What characterizes the music and the lyrics of that rendition of the song?
3. In what two regions (in two different countries) is the musical style Waila popular? What European dance form is Waila connected to? What is the name of the Waila piece featured in the textbook?
And what are the primary instruments heard in the recording?
4. “El Caballo Bayo” is linked to another important style of music that was referenced early in the textbook. What is it called? What musical instruments are prominent in this style? There are two
sections to the piece that alternate throughout the performance. What is the most significant difference between the two?
5. “Intentalo” demonstrates musical relationships of Mexican music with two countries, Name the countries and the musical style it the composition and other musica tribal music uses. See next
question for more on this song
Websites (and music)
6. In the “Pointy Boots” website (linked on D2L) you find a video of “Intentalo.” Discuss the dance, dress (shoes!), and what you understand about this practice
7. The website on “Borderland Music” offers a surprisingly varied group of recordings. Why are these songs grouped together by the program production team? Name the song by the well-known
narcocorrido performers.
8. The website on “Cumbia: The Musical Backbone of Latin America” includes a fascinating radio story on cumbia with detailed information on this popular style. Where did cumbia originate? How is it
connected to the slave trade in Latin America? How did it get to Mexico? What generation is it associated with- and what did the group Los Lobos do to elevate cumbia among young Mexican listeners?