Memorandum/Legal trail

Memorandum/Legal trail

Order Description
A client is seeking your advice in relation to taking a civil litigation matter against his neighbours for nuisance regarding playing loud music all night. They have advised you that they have
limited resources to bring litigation and have asked about obtaining civil legal aid.

Write a memorandum to your client outlining the availability of civil legal aid in Ireland.
Submission Information and Presentation Guidelines

The memorandum should be 1,500 words in length. This does not include reasonable footnotes. Referencing must be in accordance with the OSCOLA referencing system. Assignments should be typed in Size
12, Times New Roman Font, 1.5 spacing.
The memorandum should be in this format:

Issues/ Analyze all the relevant issues
Set out the law and apply the law to issues
Summary and Conclude
Second part
Legal research trail
Please complete a legal research trail regarding the memorandum that you were asked complete for your client outlining the availability of civil legal aid in Ireland.
Include the following details:
Annotated materials uses
Case law researched
Academic authorities
Academic books
Recognised legal databases.
the second part should be 500 words.
This is an example of what the legal trail should look like:

Looked at J.C.W Wyle in “Irish Land Law” 4th Edition looked at chapter 13
Found information on Section XX of the Registration of Title Act XXX and that it had been repealed by the 2009 Act, This was the starting point for my discussion on the repeal of the section of the
Irish Statute Book
Hard Copy Resources
Irish Current Law Statues
Irish Current law Monthly digest
Irish Reports
Legal periodicals through IRLI
Court Services
Houses of the Oireachtas
The Law Reform Commission

These are the recommended texts.