proposal for instruction manual

proposal for instruction manual
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For this assignment, you will identify a problem that requires detailed technical instructions. The problem should be one with which you are very familiar. You should also choose a problem that can
be solved in 10-12 steps as you do not want to produce an overly lengthy instruction manual. Once you have identified the problem, compose a proposal to explain how you plan to produce the
instruction manual.
Assignments 7-9 are connected so this proposal will propose to write the instruction manual you will submit for assignment 9. The proposal should be at least two full pages and include specific
headings for each section. You must include a problem section which explains the need for these instructions; a program section which describes in detail how you will create the manual; a personnel
section stating your qualifications to write the instruction manual; and a work schedule. You should not need a budget for this project, but include one if you will incur any costs while writing
the instruction manual.
You should use a fairly formal and persuasive tone in this assignment.****Once the proposal is approved (i.e., graded), begin writing the instruction manual.*** I need the proposal approval before
the second and third paper is wrote.
Lesson 8 Assignment: Progress Report
Once your proposal has been approved and evaluated by the instructor (i.e., graded and commented upon), begin work on the instruction manual. About half-way through the manual project, submit an
informal progress report. The progress report will explain what you have accomplished and what remains to be completed while evaluating your progress (i.e., is the project running smoothly? Have
you experienced any problems? Is the task harder than you thought it would be? etc.). Also, include a revised schedule for completing the instruction manual if you have encountered delays.
The progress report should be one page in length.

Lesson 9 Assignment: Instruction Manual
For this project, produce a manual that defines and provides instructions for solving the problem chosen in the proposal assignment. This project is substantial and requires the production of a
significant amount of text (the manual should be at least six pages in length, most of which is single-spaced). Pay specific consideration to design, layout, images, organization, and accessibility
as this manual should be of professional quality.
email me and I will send more info and the 3 examples she gave me, it would be way to much to put into this little text box. I think it will be much easier seeing exactly what she wants.

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