child development observation paper

child development observation paper
5th Grade! RJ

Observation Report Outline


Student RJ is a 10-year-old male 5th grader in a gifted and talented class at PS 198
on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He is of Asian descent, lives with both his
mother and father on the Upper East Side. His classroom consists of 12 girls and 12

Step 1: Issue Identification

0 Student R J has difficulty with social skills and communication with his peers

0 Student RJ has difficulty focusing and staying on task

0 Student R J has difficulty sitting still and walks around the room

Step 2: Observations

0 Student RJ is oblivious to the facial expressions, body language, and social cues of
his peers.

0 Student RJ exhibits certain repetitive behavior

0 Student RJ physically walks into people who are in his path

0 Student RJ exhibits certain meticulous habits about arranging items neatly, with like
objects, and arranged in order.

0 Student RJ prefers to work alone and needs to be prompted to engage with peers
0 Student RJ is exceptionally sociable with adults but not with peers

0 Student RJ hums softly to himself to soothe and regulate himself

0 Student RJ walks in very distinct patterns around the room

0 Student RJ enjoys leaning into the body of the adult when he is having a

0 Student RJ has strong and narrow interests that include comics, and sea creatures
0 Student RJ enjoys touching textile items and squeezing soft gel type items

Step 3: Research Articles (3)

0 Macintosh, K., & Dissanayake, C. (2006). Social skills and problem behaviors in
school aged children with high-functioning autism and Asperger’s disorder. Journal of
autism and developmental disorders, 36(8), 1065-1076.

0 Harper, 0. B., Symon, J. B., & Frea, W. D. (2008). Recess is time-in: Using peers to
Step 4: Theoretical Explanation (3)


0 The student may experience inferiority rather than mastery

0 Student J is looking for ways to get the teacher and his peers attention

0 The child needs positive reinforcement in order for him to change his behavior

0 Child can appreciate perspective during pre-operational stage

0 Child may experience deficits in symbolic functioning

0 Child may experience atypical sensory stimuli

Vygotsky’s Theory of Development

0 Emphasis in collaborative and cooperative social context when learning

0 Children learn through social interactions with peers and adults

Step 5: Support From Research

0 There may not be many warmth interactions with peers in the classroom

0 Student J is calling for that one to one time with the teacher

0 Peer rejection is a significant risk factor for subsequent antisocial and aggressive
Step 6: SOIutIons

0 Student RJ needs strategies to improve his social and communication skills with

0 Student RJ needs prompts and cues to stay focused and on task

0 Student RJ needs sensory items to soothe and calm him when he gets anxious
0 Student RJ needs positive feedback from peers and adults

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