Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

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This Project will present images and reviews from seminal productions in terms of artistic achievement (premiere, important revival, noted performance or directorial approach (yes, yes, I know, there are no photos from the premieres of these plays, or even youtube videos)) or historical importance (approach that captured a historical moment or changed our perception of the play). Ten different productions should be examined.

For each production (8 productions of your play in total), you will need to include physical reproductions of the actual text of at least 2 reviews (except for the premieres of ancient plays), and 2 images, with accompanying captions identifying the sources and the images.

This collection of images and reviews will be accompanied by your paper of at least

1500-words summarizing and synthesizing your assessment of these

productions. The focus should be on the production approach, style and concept.

Particular attention should be paid to the reflection of the production of the zeitgeist, or political moment in time of the production.

If a play subsequently became an opera, adaptation, musical and/or film, this can be included in the project, but no more than one production each from said medium.

Here is an email that I got from my professor regarding that paper and why I need to revise it, so I just want to start over:

I’ve looked over your paper and there are some pretty massive issues, involving a failure to follow directions-
I asked for 2 reviews for each production discussed, and all you included were reviews from the Belasco 2005 production and the Orson Wells production.

I can’t even really tell if you are discussing 8 productions.

I suggest that you dig up some more modern productions-
here are 2 sources that are a start- but you should look and find more- maybe something in Chicago, Los Angeles, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival or the Stratford Festival.



To organize your thoughts better and actually discuss each production, why don’t you have headings:
for example:

2005 New York City, Belasco Theatre, starring Denzel Washington

and so forth.

When you discuss each production go into more detail about the particulars of the production- acting styles, what the director was focusing on in terms of what the director wanted to say with the production etc.
Is the production a product of its time? Does it reflect something going on in the broader society? That’s the whole zeitgeist thing.

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