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Please complete first 7 questions!

Please fill in the blanks. Use Excel to solve the problems.


Consider the data set AUTO2002.xls. For the variable weight (wt). Answer the following questions, using Excel. Please fill in the blanks.

PLEASE NUMBER YOUR ANSWERS as they appear on this test.

1. The mean ______, median _________, mode________, ninetieth percentile____________, and the third quartile (are) __________.

2. The ninetieth percentile means that _____________________________________, and the 3rd quartile tells us that _____________________________.

3. By comparing the mean and the median we may say that the distribution is _______________________________________.

4. Create bins by using 7 for the equal intervals. Compute the RELATIVE Frequencies and create the relative frequency histogram. The histogram appears to be skewed/not skewed to the right/left.

5. Plot the cumulative relative frequency distribution. The sum of the relative frequencies is _______________ and the final cumulative relative frequency is _________________.

6. The sample variance is ____________, and the sample standard deviation is _______________. Show your computations on your Excel sheet.

7. The standard deviation of the sample mean ( , x bar) i.e., standard error is ________________, which shows that xbars are tightly/widely distributed around the population mean (mu= μ), and is computed as _________________________________.

8. The kurtosis coefficient shows that _______________________

______________________________and the skewness coefficient shows that

________________________, which is consistent/inconsistent with the graph of the relative frequency.

9. Chebysev’s rule shows that at least 75% of the sample vehicle WTs are in the range of __________ and ____________ and at least 89% are in the range of ________ and ___________ WTs.

10. The empirical rule shows that only 5% of the WTs are less than ___________
or more than __________________.

11. Assuming that WT is normally distributed, the null hypothesis that a vehicle with a weight of 5900 belongs to this population is accepted/rejected because its standardized value is ______________thus,____________________________________________________.
12. Pot the WT (X –axis) and MPG of the vehicles in a scatter diagram. The scatter diagram indicates that there is a _________________ correlation between the two.

13. The covariance between the WT and MPG is _______________ and the correlation coefficient is ___________________. Show computations on Excel sheet.

14. The maximum correlation coefficient is ______________ and the minimum value of this coefficient is __________________.

15. The correlation coefficient above indicates that ____________________________________________________________________.

16. Construct a pivot table to show drive type in rows and SUV in columns.

17. The percentage of SUV s that are rear drive is ______________ and the percentage of front wheel drive vehicles that are SUVs is _______________.

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