please read instructions carefully (Domain Models and PLCS).

Complete the Problems assignments on page 125-126 of Kendall

please answer as the following:
1- ……. etc

Compare the domain models for the Inn and Car cases you can find in content. Use the Sikorsky case on pages 213-224 to develop a domain model and make a business case for the PLCS standard as an enabling technology for a smart data strategy. Do the same for VAMTA. Examine figure 4.7 an explain the integration of the business domain with the model domain to make a complete and integrated domain. Remember, at this point you should have event tables, use cases, narratives, sequence diagrams and domain models for both Sikorski AND VAMTA as well as Inn and Car.
When answering these essay questions, please follow the scientific method format of Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Analysis, Results, Conclusions, Recommendations, Future issues and references. Writing the requisite one paragraph will get you the minimum grade. Please expand beyond this minimal effort and in addition, please provide rigorous references.