Deployment of VOIP

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BN205/MN601 Project Management

Trimester 2, 2016

Deployment of VOIP
VOIP represents the Voice over internet protocol, which is a system that allows voice calls to be transmitted over the internet as opposed to using Mobile Phone Company. This technology embraces the existing broadband internet access where the subscribers may communicate via phone calls as if they were using Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The main aim for the project is to substitute the traditionally embraced legacy PABX with the more efficient VOIP technology. Legacy PABX is an acronym of a private branch exchange or sometimes referred to as a telephone switch. Organizations are fond of this type of voice call connectivity where they transcribe through the public or even private phone companies.
PABX is quite expensive and dependent on the phone companies. This means that when they increase the charges or incorporate some restrictions in making calls, the company is directly affected. The PABX transferred telephone structures hardware has proven difficult for smaller organisations to operate due to the expenses. VOIP provides system’s feature which have stronger aptitudes due to the advent of cloud technology. Similarly, the emergence of internet has given rise to various platforms and it is becoming a necessity. Therefore, VOIP will be instrumental in utilizing the internet for positive purposes.
• The main objective for this project is to implement a technology that will save the expenditure costs incurred by the company.
• A VOIP allows calls interchange abilities over the internet which means the only financial requirements will be for setting up internet connection and phone adapters.
• Secondly, VoIP connection gives the company an opportunity to connect a standard phone to the personal computer. This makes communication across department easier and efficient.
• Basically, communication is an important tool in an organization and improving its efficacy is fundamental.
• It will also embrace a computer-to-computer connection that will enhance long distance calls. Making international calls is quite expensive using PBX system and depends on roaming.
• VIOP provides greater flexibility since it can be used over an array of virtue software services such as mobile, desk phone, personal computers among other communication devices. This is an ideal technology for smaller companies whose financial ability is limited.

Event Date
Brainstorming 20th Sep to 5th Oct 2016
Research 10th Oct to 10th December 2016
Tabling of report 15th December to 27th December 2016
Budget allocation 3rd Jan to 15th Jan 2017
Procurement of resources 21st Jan to 15th Feb 2017
Beginning project 20th Feb 2017
Finishing project 20th March 2017

• Organization Executive Management
• IT department
• Communication authority
• Procurement department
• Internet providers

• VOIP technology provides an organization communication support if it has multiple locations
• The technology allows a communication continuity even when the power goes out especially with customers with redundancy
• VIOP allows employs to telecommunicate even when they are on vacation or they are travelling. This means they can still be working even when they are not physically in the office.
• The cost of ownership and maintenance is quite subsidized

• IT experts
• Financial department
• Communication experts
• Procurement personnel.

• Communication over VOIP platform is affected by poor internet connection
• Under management of the service may limit the quality since it is shared over the internet protocol
• Flexibility may be affected since the technology only allows telephone numbers within the bandwidth of the internet connection
• Increased productivity by allowing the employees to multi task without interruption
• Increased flexibility and mobility
• Rich media services
• Phone portability

Unit Price comment
Wiring $1,600 Computers require to be connected to a central connection
Network service (POTS lines, PRI lines $1,000
100 Telephone stations $8,000
Single Control unit $1,000
Installation $8,000 installing a business phone system entails building and mounting the common control unit, placing the telephones at their locations, programming the applications

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DATE: 16/09/2016

Raheel Niaz (MIT160459)
Syed Muhammad Hassan Ali (MIT160607)
Abdul Aziz (MIT160618)