Article Critique: “The Future and How to Survive It”


Order Description
Critique article The Future and How to Survive it by Richard Dobbs, Tim Koller and Sree Ramaswamy.

Your review of each article should be submitted to the appropriate Turnitin drop box, be 3-4 double-spaced pages in length (not including the title page) and follow APA style (see Guidelines below).

Here are some additional guidelines:
? The bulk of the review will consist of a critical summary of the major ideas
expressed in the article. By critical, I do not mean negative. It should highlight the
ideas the article identifies as new or different, and, if possible, compare those to
other paradigms. If the article introduces a new concept or uses a term or
expression that is not widely known, make sure to explain the concept or define
the term or expression. Twenty of the 30 possible points will be based on this

? The conclusion of the review should consist mostly of a statement about the
relevance of the article to managerial economics. You may be subjective in your
assessment, but try to be concrete by offering examples. Five of the 30 points will
be allocated to this part of the review.

? The review should be free of grammatical and spelling errors, and to be
readable. Allow yourself some time to edit your review. Five of the 30 points will
be based on style.