Personal Portfolio

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This assignment related to assignment 1 YOU DID IT BEFORE. See the comments in the assignment 1 Individual Report to help you do even better in assignment 2.

you should follow these Sections
Personal Profile
Area for development
How to develop (insert trait)
Development Goals
Learning Theory Used
Write your Action Plan

Your career goal
Summary of the Personality Traits required (References)
Importance of Self-motivation and Behaviour Change in Self-Leadership (References)
Overview of Learning Theories available for behaviour change (References)

Personal Profile
Introduce Table 1
Insert Table 1
(updated from Assessment 1)
Describe your 360 feedback following the table

Area for development
What area is chosen for development?
Choose a trait from Table 1
Define the trait (reference)
Justification for choice of area
Explain why this is important in your life and/or in your career

The trait must be from one of the surveys
E.g. A Type personality or Competitiveness
Not a skill such as time management

Analysis: What Personality Trait to change ? In another table identify and justify the most important Personality Trait you need to change
From the literature:
Describe the behaviours you need to change
How can you change them?
E.g. Sharing instead of Competitiveness
Reflect on a time when this was a problem
Use the STAR model
(Do not use the headings Situation, Task, Action and Result )

Developing self-awareness
Observing yourself � self-perception
Explaining your reactions and feelings
Comparing yourself to others
Interacting with a variety of diverse people
Requesting feedback from others

YOU MUST SEE the Writing Assessment 2 files I will be uploaded and criteria sheet and EXAMPLES.

I am a teacher in school but when I finish master degree I try to be teacher in university