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the requirement later and the similarity should be lower than 5%, you r required to finish the essay plan template document, based on the two articles i uploaded to u,thx

Essay Question: (Please copy here):
1. Essay Question Analysis

Give any direction words in your question (the words which tell you what to do):
Give any key terms in the question (key concepts or ideas that the essay will consider):
Give the categories of analysis (sub-areas or sub-topics, perspectives) you have identified as relevant to your question (these will become the parts you will divide your essay into):

2. Thesis statement/claim and Outline of Argument (Introduction)

An essay introduction usually has four parts:
• a general introductory statement (often explains why the topic is significant)
• a definition of key terms (if needed) and
• a thesis statement/claim
• an outline of the areas the essay will discuss.

Please give your (possibly provisional!) thesis statement/claim (one or two sentences) and an outline of your argument (dot points will be sufficient here). (Your thesis statement should be a direct response to your question; it may begin “This essay will argue…”).
3. Supporting Statement/Topic Sentences (aka “reasons” in Engaging Questions) and Sources to Support Points (Body)
Please give a supporting statement/topic sentence/reason for each of your paragraphs. (Each paragraph makes one main point (= reason) that provides support for the argument put forward in your thesis statement. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence which tells the reader what point the paragraph will make, and also relates the content of the paragraph back to thesis statement.)
Please also give at least one (academically reputable) source (usually a book or article) which will give you the examples or explanation (evidence) you need to support or explain your point. Give the author’s last name and date of publication of the work.

Paragraph 1 Topic sentence (aka supporting statement, reason)

Paragraph 2 Topic sentence

Paragraph 3 Topic sentence

Paragraph 4 Topic sentence

Paragraph 5 Topic sentence
Paragraph 6 Topic sentence
Paragraph 7 Topic sentence (if needed)

Paragraph 8 Topic sentence (if needed)

4. Restatement of your Thesis Statement/Claim (Conclusion)

A conclusion usually has three parts:

• Restatement of thesis statement/claim in different words (e.g. “This essay has argued…”)
• Summary of main points used to defend the thesis statement
• Final statement (e.g. What are the consequences of the argument I have just made?)

Please give a restatement of your thesis statement/claim in other words:

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