Utilizing Solar Energy to Meet Future Energy Need

Utilizing Solar Energy to Meet Future Energy Need

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Chapter 4 Final Result
Restatement of the purpose
Heading for research question or hypothesis #1 findings
Heading for research question or hypothesis #2 findings
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Following are research question which are needed to cover in order to finish final chapter

Describe the nature of the involvement of human participants in the project.
5 representative of companies in Tampa Bay Area involve in solar trade.
5 Homeowner who has install solar panel in house.
Questionnaires for home owner

1. How important is renewable energy to America’s energy future?
Not Important
Not Sure

2. Which renewable energy sources do you believe are most important to America’s energy future?
Solar power
Natural gas
Geothermal power
Wind power
Energy efficiency

3. When making decisions around purchasing clean-energy products and services, which of the following are your primary motivators?
Saving money
Fewer maintenance requirements
Not sure
Reducing my environmental impact
Using the latest and most innovative technology

4. How often do you consider or investigate the environmental impact/sustainability of big-ticket items (cars, homes, etc.) when making purchasing decisions?
Most of the time

5. In recent years, federal tax credits have enabled both the solar and wind industries to expand, with solar and wind both more than doubling their generation over the past five years. Do you agree or disagree that the federal government should continue to offer such incentives?
Not sure

6. How important do you think it is to the U.S. economy to domestically manufacture solar energy systems, and solar panel components?
Not sure
7. How important is it to the future of the U.S. for the nation to be a global leader in developing and deploying solar energy systems?
Not sure

8. Do you support or oppose electric utility companies being able to charge an additional fee to solar powered homes and businesses?
Not sure
Questionnaire for Solar Business

1. Who is the predominant energy company in your area?
2. What are your gross sales?
3. How long have you been in business?
4. Are you making a profit? 5. When did you start making a profit?
5. How many employees do you have?
6. What is the number of customers/ installations that you have?
7. Do you have any maintenance contracts?
8. What is the typical capacity of each residential system installed?
9. What is the capacity of each commercial system installed?