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Paper 1: University Reporter Assignment
Accessing University Reporter
Using the Student Hub, Go to the Library website
Click on the Tab ?Databases?

Under ?Browse by Subject? click ?Business?

Scroll down to ?
University Reporter.
To the right, you should see a link that says ?More

details.? Click here.

The following page should give you a registration code. Either write this code down or
copy it on your computer. Click on the green Connect button.
This should take you to a login window. At the bottom, you will see a link to Register a
new account.
You will need to provide some information such as your name, email address, and the
Registration code. Registration is free. They will send you an email to confirm your new
account. This verification email often ends up in the trash folder, so be sure to keep an
eye out for it.
Now, you should be able to log in to the University Reporter system through the library
website. From here, you can follow the video instructions we watched in class. You can
watch the video here:?

You will want to perform a search for the brand you chose for your project. The video
can help you interpret the numbers you see when you get to the report.

Completing the Assignment
Before you discuss the results of the report, describe what you expected to find before you
looked at the report. Who did you think the typical customer was for your brand before this
project? What were you basing these assumptions on? Personal experience with the brand? Their
advertising? Their products? Or perhaps people you know who like this brand?

Next, analyze the report. Look for high index numbers across the various demographic variables.
You can use those numbe
rs to get a good idea of the ?typical? consumer?
of your brand and
his/her typical behaviors.?
Describe this ?typical consumer? in your own words. Are there other

types of consumers worth considering, based on the report? What other findings stand out?

Did the results surprise you? Or did the results match your expectations?
Did you learn anything
new about your brand and its customers?

Formatting the Paper
No more than
?2 pages double spaced
, Times New Roman font, 12 pt size.?
1? margins.
Do NOT attach the entire report from University Reporter. You need to summarize the

information and include only the details that matter into your paper.
You may want to?
make a table in either Excel or Word to summarize the ?typical
customer,? but you are not required to do this.
?Including tables or other figures will not
count against your page limit.
Do not use a cover page. ?Simply put your name in the upper right corner of the header.
Due Date: This paper is due at the start of class on Saturday, September 24