Health policy Models

Health policy Models
Paper details:
1.See attachment 2.The preview should show how both the attachment materials and extended literature are
influencing your thinking. Do not cite texts or extended literature alone. Regards Application attachment
Knowledge starts with the attachment (lesson and readings) and extends to finding more literature to fit your
preview. 3.The writer to be proficient in USA Healthcare Policies/ Acute care/ Nurse practitioner credentials/
Healthcare delivery systems and organization. 4..Writer to Be very specific in what they are referencing. Avoid
words like “it” “this” “they” as it is unclear to the reader what or who you are referring to. 5.Use a formal tone when
writing scholarly papers and reframe from slang such as “ roughly” 6. Every sentence in each paragraph not to be
based on one study. 7.It is not okay to cite only the end of a paragraph when all evidence within the paragraph
must be cited.Additional if you provide strong claims. The goal is to gather multiple sources that discuss/describe
the same issues rather than relying too heavily on one source for everything in the paragraph . 8.No Incomplete
paragraph. A paragraph is comprised of more thaÕÉ≠†Њ†n one sentence—refer to your APA resources on
paragraphing and paragraph/sentence construction