Aggregate Supply and Demand Analysis

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To assess your ability to research the drivers of aggregate supply and demand in your chosen country.

Throughout the second half of the course you are asked to analyze a country’s economy through the application and analysis of economic data. In this week’s assignment you are asked to assess the possible drivers of aggregate supply and demand in your chosen country based on the economic data you have collected.

Action Items:
1 Download the Aggregate Supply and Demand Analysis Table to your computer. The same is attached below.
• Go to The World Factbook. Click on
• In the upper right dropdown click on “Please select a country to view”
• Once on your chosen country’s page, click on “Economy” and use the data there to complete the Country Economic Data Worksheet provided by your professor. The same is attached below.
3 Consider Equation 14.1, Table 14. 1, and Table 14.2 in the textbook (also provided in the Week 5 Discussion Supplement) (The same is attached below) and assess the implications of the economic data you collected for your chosen country on the factors/variables identified in the textbook as determining aggregate supply and demand.
4 Write a 2-page business brief describing what variables have caused aggregate demand and supply to shift in the recent past in the economy of your chosen country. What variables have been most impactful on GDP? What, if any, additional data would be helpful to you in explaining changes in GDP?