Psychodynamic Concepts

Psychodynamic Concepts

Order Description
Please use theory relevant to the psychodynamic consulting room, all theory applied should be in the service of answering the questions. Please respond to the
following five questions.

1. What sort of transferential issues do you anticipate will arise in Christina’s case? Understanding transference in the frame.

2. What countertransference feelings would you imagine would be stirred up for you and what do you think would be the best way to proceed? What issues to do you think
may arise in the counsellor and how will they proceed.

3. What sort of challenges is likely to arise regarding the therapeutic frame and how do you think you might manage them. How will christina pull and push in the frame
and how will you manage this.

4. How do you anticipate the negotiation of the therapeutic alliance might work and how will you manage them?

5. Will psychodynamic psychotherapy work in Christina’s case – motivate your answer? Is this client suitable for psychodynamic psychotherapy is this client
psychologically minded and what supports this answer