Managing in International Context

Managing in International Context

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Note: This Essay is based on my personal experience at local church (St.Declan), attend to service on 25th September.


During the semester you will organise and participate in a �new cultural experience� that places you in contact with people from a different culture or sub-culture. The interaction should have the following characteristics:

The ‘target culture’ and the context of the interaction are new to you (i.e. unfamiliar); you are a minority participant (i.e. members of the target culture out-number you); you are in a non-dominant position (i.e. you are not in a position of ‘power’. For instance, if you are a store manager, choosing subordinates from a different culture as your ‘target culture’ would not be appropriate); and You are able to have meaningful contact with a group of people from the target culture (i.e. 1-2 hours of interaction).

Examples of appropriate activities include attending a new or unfamiliar religious service, having a traditional dinner at a foreign family�s house, or participating in a foreign sport (e.g. capoeira, Tai Kwon Do) or activity (e.g. Zen meditation, surfing) that is new to you. The activity itself is not so important – what is important is that you have the opportunity to interact with people from a new (sub-) culture. It is this interaction, which will be the focus of your analysis and write up.

The interaction must take place after we have covered important foundational concepts in class. The reason for this will be apparent when we discuss the relevant concepts. Planning to engage in an activity some time in mid-September 2016 would be ideal. You will need to start planning and thinking about an activity early. Please do not ask your instructor if you can choose a cross-cultural interaction that took place in the past. This is not appropriate for this activity.

Final written analysis: Prepare a written cultural analysis of your experience. It should be less than 2500 words in total and should include the following:

i. A brief overview of the experience (what, where, when, why). Focus on describing key occurrences, observations, feelings or emotions relevant to your analysis (maximum 1 page);

ii. ii. An analysis which addresses the following:

� Identify whether you were considered an in-group or out-group member by members of the target culture, and why (i.e. what did they do/say that made you feel that they had categorized you this way?);

� Explain any personal stereotypes you may have held toward other individuals or groups related to this activity prior to the event;

� Use the dialectic logic process to describe any shift in stereotype perceptions towards the target group (i.e. whether and how this experience led you to change your stereotypes);

� Apply contact theory and its components to your selected encounter (i.e. to what extent were the conditions of Allport’s contact theory present? How did this facilitate or hinder positive interaction?)

� Explain what aspects of cultural intelligence you had to use during the experience, and to what extent you succeeded in being culturally intelligent.

iii. A very brief conclusion (e.g. was the interaction successful? Why/why not? What did you learn?)

iv. Evidence of you having attended the experience (e.g. a photo, a scanned receipt etc).

v. A full list of references.

Reference style UTS-Harvard

(See attachments for examples)

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