Identify one example of significant change that has occurred within the last 5 years within your selected organisation

Identify one example of significant change that has occurred within the last 5 years within your selected organisation. This may be a change that is still on-going but must have reached a stage where implementation has occurred so that you can access suff

Identify one example of significant change that has occurred within the last 5 years
within your selected organisation. This may be a change that is still on-going but
must have reached a stage where implementation has occurred so that you can
access sufficient material to address the assignment.
The example may be strategic, tactical or operational in nature, but it should be
significant to the organisation in the sense of resource commitment and the level of
impact it will make upon the key stakeholders involved.
Critically evaluate how effectively the process of diagnosing, planning and
implementing the change was managed. Assess its success in achieving its original

You must use the BU Harvard Referencing! I will attach a guide for this and provide more instructions in regards to the assignment.
Indicate how this impacts in this organisation-
What where we supposed to do- can I do all of that especially if it is over a lot of countries
Implementation analysis
Select a change and explain why the change was necessary?

What where the key driver of the change?
The objectives of the change?
What was it trying to achieve?
Am I talking about corporate change or a system in an individual department?
What level am I talking about?
What scale of change is this transformational?
Does it change the things we do and the way we think around here?
Such as leadership change?
Was it more transitional where we had a system and we needed to improve it and not everybody agreed but this is what we did?
It was just really a transition from one type of system to a better system we were not re-inventing the system or was it developmental it was taking what we already do and taking it somewhere else.
Example trying to enter the French or German market from the uk market and we were trying to develop and expand and develop what we do we were not trying to change or transform it we were just ?
It will improve so it is a developmental change
what were the drivers?
What were we trying to do?
We were trying to do a PESTFUL analysis
Political change?
change in technology, environmental pressures? Or was it more industry? competition?
example getting prices down and we tried to match them that turned into a loss maker and we need to get more efficient and the change was about how do we get more productivity into what we do.
First part of the answer
What we were trying to achieve and why?
Second part of the answer
How did they go about diagnosing the real problem here?
Think about when you go to the dr with a cough you want to know why you have the cough. if you cure the cough you will also cure the sore throat do not just give pills for the cough. It could have come from a chest infection you got and that you still have the cough and it is bringing stuff up. The other option is that you want to have a scan as we think there might be something serious internally.
As a business you need to know I am losing money the problem is why I am losing money you could say that I will borrow money but that does not solve the problem.
Hens cause and effect module we need to go through the different models to find what the problem is. Or root cause models
Trying to find out the underlying issues having diagnosed the cause then we can move onto the plan. What plan will we have to improve that situation?
It is this level that the plan is to find what we can do to stop losing money
Choose one?
Example lack of productivity, supply change, reassessing of the supply change, negotiating prices, or the competition are doing something and we are not meeting changes or radically let us leave this business and start a new one where we can make money
Example nike and Adidas getting into the golf market where previously they were only into footwear.
How do you get into some thing
Example sponsor someone like tiger woods both companies are into footwear and have gone into hardware and it just hasn?t worked.
What systems and models did you use?
Did it work?
Did you end up with a feasible plan?

This is where the theory comes in!!!
During the implementation was there any resistance to the change?
If there was why?
– was it because the initial diagnosis was wrong?
– Was it because the plan was not well executed?
– Was it well formulated as it could have been?
– No matter what you did the trade union as a part of it FIND WORD where made eg redundancies
So a restructure is going to be taking place there and then, there might be new job descriptions, new locations or redundancies, early retirements, etc all kinds of things
– the union could see from the stat as they knew it was likely to happen
– so whatever we did there would be objections
– who is giving the objections?
– Howe strong where the objections?
– How where they overcome?
– Where they overcome by using a particular approach?
– Or did you just get lucky?
– Did it work or fail?
– Are the objections carrying on and disrupting the success of the project eventually?
– Or where they overcome and of so why?
– Do you recognise some of the best practices?
– Which things can you do to overcome resistance?
– John cottle (look up name) use examples example good communication, clarity of objectives, objectives need to be made clear to people
– Commons sense may not have been so common back then
– You can see why it was successful or unsuccessful you can see example of cottle working
– Use the theory as a bench mark and evaluate what they were doing
– In both the sections planning and implementation you may not know precisely what happened, especially as it is strategic stuff and you are working as a middle manager somewhere.
– You do not know what was going on behind the boardroom doors and so on that you might be able to identify some of the elements of the change and then say well it didn?t go that well or the following reasons, but if they have used such and such a model and then let me demonstrate how that could have been done I think they could have improved for the following reasons; ?.
– So you can recommend new models that they could have used and approaches they might not have used and say why.
– You can draw up a john cottle effect or draw up a (check name) model and show how the company could have used it to improve what they did
– So make sure you get these practical demonstrations in there whether you are evaluating/insuring what you did or whether you are saying I am not quite sure what they are saying but this is something they could have done
– Either way you get to show off that you know these models
– This is the same approach with the implementation


– The best way to do that is to go back to the initial objectives
– What is it they said they were going to do?
– Where there any bench marks given?
– Did they say this change will increase productivity over the next 12 months by 5%?
– Well did they ion the end?
– Has it been achieved?
– Has it been more than achieved?
– Has it been less than achieved?
– So the implementation element you are talking about process
– How effective of the process was the implementation?
– Whereas the last section is talking about the outcomes
– What actually happened at the end of this as hard outcomes?
– Did they achieve what they set out to achieve and if not what still needs to be done?


– 3000 WORDS
– The bulk of the words need to be from the two middle sections diagnostic, planning and implementation
– You are evaluating, discuss and analysing here as in the first section it is more of a description of what needs doing and why and the objectives
– The final one is more of a conclusion and that is why you do not need a separate introduction and separate conclusion because if you think about it the opening section is you intro
– It says this is the company and this is problem they had, here is the nature of the change they had to deal with, here is the drivers that were causing that and here is the objectives they were trying to achieve which is pretty descriptive and the final one is saying well here is what happened, here is what should have happened, and as you can see they did not fully achieve it and there is more change going on in the following way
– Word limit;
? opening- 500 words
? 1000 each for planning diagnosis and implementation (all together 2000)
? 500 what happened

– Do not write a separate introduction or conclusion as the way the task is structured there is a kind of introduction and conclusion
– Appendices do not have marks only useful background info example summary of figures in the report write say the example say these figures where obtained from? and are in the appendices and only put the sum of the figures in the report
– This means that you have to be more analytical then descriptive as you will go over the word limit.
– By being analytical example you have some part of the implementation it takes alot of words to say the company did this then that and then this went this way and this reads like a story and you asking when is it going to end.
– Do not describe all of the ins and outs of the details analyse it !!!
– It did not work for the following reasons, this is similar too what cottle suggested to be done except they omitted the following steps no detail what they need to know why it didn?t work and how the theory suggests why it did not work and go on with your next point
– Just think about it when you write a paragraph of 10 lines you are probably only making one point and then go onto the next paragraph you are only making another one point, DO NOT DO THIS make loads and loads of point and exclude the waffle paragraphs should be full of points and not just one
– Look at this assignment as if you are a consultant looking in, you need to be objective the one page outline should include the topic what you might do and other stuff that outlines the assignment.

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