Diverse Learners in Nursing – Adult Education

Diverse Learners in Nursing – Adult Education

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Use of Google Scholar journal articles more so than books with thanks. The assignment needs to be written up as a report but maximum length is 1,500

Based on the group of diverse learners selected, that is learners with disabilities in the nursing sector, consider how you might adapt or deliver a particular teaching area. In your answer include the following:

– Briefly describe the cohort of diverse learners you are targeting:
(Please briefly describe the group and the particular reasons you have identified them as diverse, The group might be those that you teach)

– Provide a summary of the topic area / learning outcomes / skill that you are required to teach:
The important word here is SUMMARY, please do not replicate or recycle large training documents or long lists of learning outcomes. Instead, provide a paragraph of descriptive text explaining what the cohort will be studying and the context of the training etc)

– Consider how you might address diversity in your delivery, content and resources
(This is an important part of the assignment and requires you to consider the diversity of these learners and how you might address this within the learning environment. This might include the way you deliver the content, the types of content you deliver and also the types of resources you use)

– What issues or considerations might you have to reflect upon in designing the learning materials for this group?
(Consider your group of learners and reflect upon the various issues that you would need to consider when designing the learning materials ? this part of the assignment requires you to consider your understanding of what it means to be an educator of diverse student populations)