Critique and make suggestions to improve a testing instrument

Order Description
1. References must be authentic and accurate.
2. must use the sources which are given at the end of subject outline and try to use them as much as possible.
3. U need to critique the test that is attached with file.Then u will make changes to the test in order to improve it and make it more valid and reliable.This assignment is a sequence of last assignment in which we analysed IELTS test for validity reliablity authentivcity practicality and wash back.Now in this test you will make changes in order to make it valid ,reliable,authentic and practical test.Once u have made amendments in test then you will write a report that that what changes u made and why..In report u will justify your decision for adding and removing or changing questions in the test.
while making changes keep in mind the standard criteria for a good placement test ,use sources to find out what authors consider relevant in this regard.
5. must use in text and at the end references.
6.use good vocabulary.not very simple.
7.make sure all question is sufficiently addressed in the writing
8. keep in mind that the final test u will prepare ,w will have to pilot that test on real test takers so it should be valid.
9. if u need any kind of help or question please get back.
full test placement test is attched u need to change that test wherever changes are required.u are not supposed to deisgn question
u can pick question from other placement tests and adjust into ur version of placement test.but the questions u will use must meet criteria of good placement test.
u should use reference of the source u used in test or writitng.
again if u need help get back to me .
this assignemnt has 50% value of total subjects marks so it will be a make or break