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Please read the three artiles at the material part and answer the following questions:
Please answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:
1. Consider Belhassen’s research note. Why do you think he argues that it is important to consider both the
micro­level and the macro­level when analyzing the problems of the social world (including the world of tourism)?
2. Now turn to Yezierska’s story. The story focuses on the micro­level frustrations of its protagonist,
HanÕÉ≠†Њ†nah Hayyeh. What sorts of social problems at the macro­level are connected to Hannah’s microlevel
personal troubles?
3. Finally, consider Sampson’s discussion of the Tenement Museum controversy in New York City. In the course of
events Sampson chronicles, it appears that the museum aimed to promote social justice by helping visitors to
connect personal troubles to public issues, but that it instead ended up bungling this opportunity. What was the
museum aiming to accomplish and why did it fail? Can you imagine any macro­level social issues that might have
led to the museum’s short­sightedness and misreading of the situation it was involved in?