Employee Engagement Leads To Customer Satisfaction

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Regarding to the study “Employee Engagement Leads To Customer Satisfaction”. Currently I’m in the process of submitting an Initial IRB Application form. Please help to answer below 12 questions:
1. Purpose of the Study. Summarize the proposed research using non-technical language that can be readily understood by someone outside the discipline. Explain briefly the research design, procedures to be used, risks and anticipated benefits, and the importance of the knowledge that may reasonably be expected to result. Use complete sentences (limit 300 words).
2. Supporting Literature. Summarize existing knowledge and previous work that support the expectation of obtaining useful results without undue risk to human subjects. Use complete sentences (limit 300 words).
3. Locations of Research. List the locations of the research (limit 100 words).
4. Risks, harms, & discomforts. Describe all reasonably expected risks, harms, and/or discomforts that may apply to the research. Discuss severity and likelihood of occurrence.
5. Maximum Number of Participants. State an exact maximum number of participants that will be enrolled during the duration of the study.
6. Characteristics. Describe the characteristics of the proposed participants, and explain how the nature of the research requires/justifies their inclusion.
7. Exclusions. Will any participants be excluded based on age, gender, race/ethnicity, pregnancy status, language, education, or financial status? (yes or no). If �Yes�, then explain the criteria and reasons for each exclusion.
8. Recruiting. Describe how you will be able to recruit the necessary number of participants to complete the study.
9. Recruiting and privacy. Explain how the recruiting process respects potential participants� privacy.
10. Consent processes. Explain the informed consent process and submit a copy of the informed consent for along with this application. All studies at the University must include an informed consent form and consent process. Explain when and where consent will be obtained and how subjects and/or their legally authorized representatives will be provided sufficient opportunity (e.g., waiting period, if any) to consider participation.
11. Privacy. Describe the provisions to protect the privacy interests of the participants. Explain how information is handled, including storage, security measures (as necessary), and who will have access to the information. Include both electronic and hard copy records. Further indicate what will happen to identifiable data at the end of the study. Primary research data should be retained for a minimum of five years after final project closeout.
12. Instrumentation. State the sources of publically accessible data utilized by the study.

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