Mechanism Description Assignment

Overview For this assignment, you must write a mechanism description. According to the textbook, a mechanism is a physical device with two or more parts that function together to achieve some purpose. Since this paper is so short and requires so much detail, choose your topic carefully.
You are tasked to write a description of a mechanism with the following specifications:

? The subject mechanism must be a physical device with two or more parts that function together to achieve some purpose.
? The mechanism description document must:
? Be precise and technically correct, and must emphasize the mechanism’s physical characteristics, e.g., size, shape, material, finish, and color.
? Follow Outline 4.1, pp. 38-39 of the course text.
? Be at least two but not more than three pages in length (not counting cover sheet and visuals).
? Include at least one visual.
? Use a 12 point font such as Times New Roman and be double-spaced
? You must fill out and attach the Mechanism Description Checklist (found on a following page) to the back of your paper.
? Failure to follow these formatting rules will result in a significant grade reduction.

Mechanism Description Checklist

Formatting Yes No
Length (at least 2 but not more than 3 pages, not including cover sheet and visual)
Followed outline and contains all sections/subsections
Used italics when defining terms
Defined mechanism with proper technical definition
Described mechanism’s overall purpose/function
Described mechanism’s overall appearance
Listed parts in the order they will be discussed
Defined each part with proper technical definition
Described each part’s purpose/function
Described each part’s physical attributes (shape, color, material, finish, texture,
size) using precise measurements
Transitions used between parts
Re-defined mechanism
Briefly described parts
Concluding statement
Visual present
Visual is referenced before it is shown
Visual has a label, caption, and source
Sources are cited in text (if needed)
List of sources is complete and accurate