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You will write a 5-page reaction paper to a poverty experience utilizing the textbooks as reference points. This assesses Measurable Learning Outcomes A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

The Poverty Walk will begin Wednesday when you wake in the morning and conclude at Midnight on Sunday. This experience is to occur within the context of your daily life. For example, you are not to go away and be a �hermit� for 5 days.

1. The rules are:
a. Spending is limited to $4.00 per day (for everything including food). You will need to consider what you eat and what it would cost at the grocery store. If you take medication with food, be mindful of this when budgeting.
b. Transportation is $.50 each way (if someone else drives � bus driver, friend, etc.); mall or anything recreational costs $.75 each way.
c. Walking is free. You may not drive except for working situations if absolutely necessary.
d. Laundry, personal supplies, recreation, phone calls at cost (no long distance phone calls or use of cell phones � texting or otherwise for personal or non-emergency use).
e. No cheating by relying on friends or family to pay for you.
f. No hoarding (saving up from day to day).
g. No e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, texting, instant messaging, etc. for personal use. Educational and work use of computer/phone is accepted.

2. Keep a daily journal (1 page) of:
a. Day�s expenses/ Description of events. Be honest about rule adherence.
b. Reflection � your feelings and thoughts.

3. Write a paper including the following information:

What were your expectations going into this experience?

Discuss the inconvenience and uncomfortableness of this experience.

Did you experience life from the perspective of someone �poor?� Discuss this.

Compare your situation to someone who is actually poor.

On what did you spend money?

Did you spend money wisely?

Talk about the reaction of others and the impact it had on you.

How did people treat you?

What were some things about poverty you learned/experienced that affected you?

Compare your findings with those of Mike Yankoski.

How does poverty influence one�s self-image, attitude, social functioning, etc.? When answering this question, refer to Under the Overpass, class discussions, your experience, etc.

How did poverty impact your self-image, attitude, social functioning, etc.?

Deuteronomy 15:11 commands us to be open handed to the poor. How can you do that?

Discuss the impact this assignment may/will have on your life.

Would you recommend that this experience be for future classes? Explain why.

What would you change about this experience for future students?
Length Requirement: a minimum of 1-page per day journal entry and a minimum 4-page paper answering the questions above. It is to be double-spaced in Times New Roman font.

Other ways to make this assignment more realistic�
� Chose a limited amount of clothing you could wear for the length of the assignment. (For instance: 1 pair of pants and 2 shirts, etc.)
� Do not wear makeup, hair products, etc.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (TV Movie 2003) – IMDb


You will write a paper of at least 3 pages on the International Federation of Social Workers and a mission agency while following the steps below:

1. Look up on the web.
2. Describe the organization.
3. What career opportunities are there for social workers around the world (the answers to this will take some net surfing. There are links, but the jobs are probably not directly on the website.)?
4. Look up a mission organization on the web such as
5. Name the missions organization.
6. Compare the ministry opportunities listed by the mission organization with jobs linked by the International Federation of Social Workers. Discuss this information in light of your textbook readings.
7. What opportunities, if any, interested you personally?

All sources listed in your bibliography must be referenced in your paper. Points will be deducted for poor spelling and grammar. This assesses Measurable Learning Outcomes B, C, D, E, and G.