Business and Society

ORG20002 Business and Society
Assignment #1 – Describe today’s pluralist society and outline the challenges and opportunities it presents for modern businesses. Do you believe this provides further justification for a stakeholder approach to business? Provide evidence for your argument.
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Overall mark is the average grade across all sections. (HD = 80+ D = 70-79; C = 60-69; P = 50-59; N = 0-49)






Criteria Excellent Strongly agree Agree Adequate Disagree
Presentation (3%)
Structure, style, grammar, fluency and effective communication of issues, findings and conclusions • Proficient in paraphrasing key comments and sparing use of direct quotations
• Details reported objectively and cohesively
• Referencing set out in an expert and scholarly manner
• Superior skill demonstrated in use of correct referencing style (Swinburne Harvard)

Understanding (7.5%)
Demonstrated understanding of concepts and issues relevant to the discussion topic Expertly demonstrated understanding of concepts and issues relevant to the discussion topic and the relevant literature.
Scholarship (7.5%)
Evidence of ability to research, analyse and critique issues relevant to the discussion topic
Academically rigorous use of supporting references and course content • Expert demonstrated use of research and critical analysis skills to address discussion topic
• Provides clear links between bibliographies and explains how it informs the research question
• Unique and objectively argued insights into authors argument & position & strengths and weaknesses of that position.
Adherence to assessment tasks and content coverage (2%) Expert identification and meeting of assessment task requirements – provides adequate references, adheres to word limit, answers all parts of the topic question.
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