An Anthology of Writings by Incarcerated Men at S.C.I. Graterford

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Due Dates: rough draft on Oct. 26 (you will post this essay to the forum #6 for a peer workshop).Respond to your peers by Oct. 29.
Approximate Length: 4 pages

Use MLA format–4 outside sources required. If you refer to Letters, cite that book as well, but this will not count as one of the four.

For this assignment, you will do some research raised in Letters to My Younger Self: An Anthology of Writings by Incarcerated Men at S.C.I. Graterford . For example,
the issue of prison sentences and length is one that frequently came up in my mind as I read. Who, if anybody, should serve long-term sentences? You might want to
learn more about the recent literature (research) regarding crime and poverty. Race and prison sentences might also be of interest to you. Ask yourself questions and
try to find out what others have to say insofar as they attempt to answer the questions. The forum may give you ideas for topics.

Consider writing a “Problem/Solution” essay or an Argument. I will give you organizational strategy handouts for those two types. (Under Materials).

Follow the advice in MindTap for narrowing your topic. The sharper your focus, the more depth you can go into. Otherwise, your essay will need to be 20 pages long to
cover the topic! Don’t just skim the surface and tell us what we already know–investigate recent articles and books. Provide some reliable statistics and facts that
help you make a clear point.

Do NOT go to Wikipedia and Google to do your searches. You should be using Widener’s databases (Susan T. can help you here) and Questia to find academic sources. The
quality and appropriateness of your sources is part of your grade.

Proper documentation is a MUST. Use MLA style. MindTap covers documentation, as does the Purdue OWL. (See Avoiding Plagiarism handout again).

Feel free to discuss your topic with me before you decide absolutely on it. The librarian, Susan T. and I will probably be able to tell you whether it is a good choice
as far as finding sources.

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