Topic: The effect of introducing a new product line on SMEs business.

Order Description
Please refer to the attached document as a reference of the dissertation proposal. The introduction chapter shall be an extension of the proposal with more details.
it shall include:

Executive Summary/Abstract
This is your opportunity to sell the report! It is important that a large amount of effort is spent on the Executive Summary. An additional reason for this is that in writing this section it forces you to focus on the main findings of the investigation. It should give a brief background stating why the investigation was carried out, how it was done, outline the most important findings and state the conclusions and recommendations. Imagine that you have to present the report to a busy manager who will probably have time to read only the Executive Summary.

The main document should be broken down into the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Note it is best to start every chapter with a brief introductory paragraph. The body of Chapter one will include:
� Background to the organisation which you will have researched, and possibly some secondary research findings relating to the industry etc. This should lead to the reason for the study and Problem Definition. This is related to Hills advertising in Dubai which has been well established in dubai and extended their media offering to digital media .
� The Purpose, Decision Problems, Research Question, Objectives and the Scope should all be included in Chapter one.