Topic: case study analysis

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The Case Analysis is based on the Topic �Microfinance and Poverty: Myth and Reality�
Detailed Information
Your Case Analysis is based on the Topic
“Microfinance and Poverty: Myth and Reality”
The two basic references are
Microfinance – A Documentary (14:42)

’Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic’: Talks at Google (55:49)

Your Case Study Analysis (also refer here to as “paper”) should address the Topic and demonstrate an understanding of relevant key concepts and appropriate conceptual frameworks.

The following instructions are intended to help you to articulate your written work. They are clearly explained, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.
B. INSTRUCTIONS  How to articulate your Case Analysis
 Compulsory Format

 Font size: the font size should be 12.
 Lines: lines should be double-spaced
 Pagination: all pages should be numbered at the bottom right of the page.
 Printing: printing should be single-sided
 Length: the strict maximum is 1500 words (excluding Table of Contents, References (if any), Appendices (if any), and footnotes.
 You have to specify the number of words on the first page of your Case Analysis.

 Structure

The Structure of your Case Analysis consists of three (3) subtitles: Introduction; Main Body; and Conclusions.

Your “paper” must specify the subtitles (Introduction, Main Body; and Conclusions).
1. Introduction [20 marks]

There are different kinds of innovations such as, for example, business innovation and artistic innovations. In the Introduction you have to answer (very clearly and precisely the following question: What kind of innovation is microfinance today?
You have to give reasons to justify your answer [20 marks].

2. Main Body [50 marks]  700 – 800 words (suggested)

The body of your paper should be comprised of your writing about each of the following items:

I. What is the principal-agent problem? Explain carefully and give an example outside the area of microfinance [13 marks]
II. Brief discussion of microfinance using the principal-agent framework. In particular,
(1) Who are the micro-financiers? [4 marks]
(1) Who is the principal? [7 marks]
(2) Who is the agent? [7 marks], and
(3) What is the principal agent problem that can occur? Explain carefully [14 marks]
III. What is the social responsibility challenge micro-financiers should meet? [5 marks]

3. Conclusions [30 marks]  250 – 500 words (suggested)

In this (final) section, you have to articulate your analysis by discussing the following questions (it is essentially your opinion, we do not expect any particular view to be held):

(a) Is microfinance creating a world without poverty? [5 marks];
(b) What is the main lesson that you have derived from the video by Hugh Sinclair? [5 marks]; and
(c) Suppose that your objective as a policymaker in your native country is to alleviate poverty and that you have only two mutually exclusive choices:

Choice 1: Increase national competitiveness by structural reform; or
Choice 2: Taxing the rich and redistribute to the poor?

Please note that when you select one of these choices, you have to give reasons to justify your preferred choice. [20 marks]

Note 1

Please keep in mind that the total number of words cannot exceed 1500 words, but do not feel obliged to reach the maximum number of words. You can do an excellent job with less than 1,500 words.

 Table of Contents

The following information is required on page 2 of your Case Analysis:

Contents Page #
1. Introduction
2. Main Body
3. Conclusions

Table 1

Unfortunately, some students tend to ignore the prescribed instructions. This omission makes the task of allocating a fair mark awkward. We want to encourage you to be professional. To this end, we will use the following table:

OMISSION Number of marks lost Percentage of the total assessment

Ignoring word limit
One (1) mark for each 100 word excess or more
Lack of pagination
One (1) mark

Omission of Table of Contents
One (1) mark

Lack of specification of the number of words on the front page of your paper
One (1) mark

Lack of specification of any of the three subtitles in your paper
One (1) mark
Not single-sided One (1) mark 1%
Disregard of linguistic quality (e.g. poor grammar and style)
One (1) mark
The number of marks deducted cannot exceed 5% of the total assessment

Table 2

 Your “paper” will be marked out 100 marks, but represents 20% of the Total Assessment.


Note 2.

You may find the information on the following page useful.

Front page of your “PAPER” (page 1)


“Microfinance and Poverty: Myth and Reality”

Student No.:

Family Name:
Given Names:
Number of words: (for example 1,450 words)

Page 1 ends here

Go to page 2 of your “Paper” 

Page 2 of your “PAPER”
Table of contents
Subtitles Page #
1. Introduction 3
2. Main Body
3. Conclusi