Drip & Dry Expansion room


Since they opened in Portland, ME, Drip & Dry has offered high-quality coffee alongside a self-service laundromat. Recently, co-owners Carrie Cloth and Fred Folder have started considering converting their large, empty back room into a washing and folding center for a pick-up laundry service. This new service will involve collecting bags of laundry from customers around the city, washing, drying, folding and returning the clothes. Fred and Carrie want to evaluate entering into this new type of business and then make the best decisions based on information and sound reasoning. As one of their best employees, they have asked you to crunch the numbers and analyze the best pricing options, which amenities to offer, who is likely to use this service and how to organize the new washing and folding center. This will require you to use mathematical and creative problem solving skills to evaluate revenues and profit for two pricing models, analyze a statistical survey of Portland’s residents and get creative while designing a suitable working environment.


Carrie and Fred were impressed by your math skills and clarity of presentation. Now that they have a sense of how to price things and who will use this new service, they need to actually design a space! This is an important aspect of the new plan’s success, and they want you to think outside the box and help them design the new laundry room. They have given you a planning sheet with basic specifications of the room and articulated concerns that they want you to address. Using this information, create a 1-2 page written report that includes

The problems you addressed
The steps you took to solve them
Your recommendations
Detailed figures showing the design of the room from above and from the side, including measurements
To ensure that they understand your ideas, focus on clarity of writing. When relevant, connect this report back to your findings in previous steps to provide a complete picture of this new laundry room. Be sure to cite all information appropriately. ALL SOURCES ARE INCLUDED AND MUST BE CITED USING APA FORMATTING